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Sleep - Are you having a good quality night's sleep?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Sleep is of course (and as we all know) vital for our health and wellbeing. I know there are articles everywhere drumming this in, but honestly, if you do one thing initially to begin a journey to a new and improved 'you' - the easiest and kindest thing you can do for yourself is have a good night's sleep! This means prepping for it as well. A healthy and early supper before bed (eat at least 2 hours before going to bed, for digestion), no screen time or blue lights 2 hours before sleeping. Or, you could try something restful such as reading a book or writing in your journal, or jotting down your thoughts and feelings. Other suggestions include starting a mindfulness practice, trying some simple calming stretches or even talking to your partner! As we read children their bedtime stories to send them off on their own restful journey to sleep, I often wonder why we do not promote and prioritise doing the same for ourselves. Perhaps not a children's book(!!) but our own enjoyable reading materials. Reading and downtime before bed is a perfect place to start. 

There are so many benefits to a good night's sleep and how it makes you feel the following day. If you manage to get a settled 7 hours+ of consistent and uninterrupted sleep I can guarantee you'll feel brighter in the morning and can be more productive during the day. When I shake off my anxieties and manage a restful night's sleep, I tend to wake raring to go and even at times manage a gym visit. Morning exercise has so many great benefits, and starting the day the perfect way means even if you achieve little the rest of the day you still feel amazing for having completed a workout first thing! Exercising early improves focus, boosts your endorphins for a positive and happier day. It boosts metabolism (especially if implemented on an empty stomach) and you will get a guaranteed healthy glow - to name but a few positives... 

I'd say 80% of clients I have seen in clinic have had energy issues. Of course, this is often down to their sugar consumption and dietary choices that can be adapted, but all of these link back and relate to sleep deficiencies! In our modern-day society caffeine consumption is enormous, with coffee shops and chains taking up a massive part of every street. The need becomes want and that increases as our eyes are constantly distracted by signs of on-the-go quick coffees and teas and the natural herbal tea options become less available. Cutting down a little on caffeine, in particular having none past 2pm, can have a huge impact on sleep improvements. 

For further reading have a look into The Sleep Foundation* for mindfulness tips, posts on changing circadian rhythm, amongst other ideas. Or try a selection of one of the below suggested products before bed. Start to prep your body and mind for a restful evening by utilising one of the below natural regimes and products. 

This Works. Deep Sleep. 

For the best pillow spray, I absolutely love this gentle lavender scent! Smells incredible and really helps soothe you. 

Warm baths in the evening.

I love to have mine with magnesium flakes (2 cupfuls) or pink Himalayan Salts (detoxifying so go easier on the amount) and bathe for 20 minutes. I use Westlab or Better You bath salts. 

Essential oils

I always add a few drops of Suzanne Kaufmann Essential ‘Bath Oil For The Senses’, 250ml. So dreamy for a glorious scent that really relaxes the mind. 

Face products

Also I tend to chop and change my evening facial products but one I keep coming back to is Kiehl's ‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’... just a few drops in between your hands then press onto skin is so lovely. The lavender scent is soothing, and the results are great! 

If you are keen to know more and understand sleep health better, then book an appointment to see me by emailing We can do a Skype session or in-person appointment, if preferred. I can then recommend supplements that will help to ease and improve sleep patterns alongside altering your nutrition and lifestyle to help you get the sleep that you so vitally need. 

Good night, sleep tight

Written by Izzy Falcon


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