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Welcome to the 'Inspiring Interviews' series with Autoimmune Clinic, where we meet ordinary people who have transformed their health using dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Each interview will feature someone living with an autoimmune disease. We will hear about their lives leading up to their diagnosis, about their challenges and successes along the way, what proactive actions they've taken in order to improve their health and what insights they've learned as a result of their health journey.

Their stories will show you that it is possible to live well, despite an autoimmune diagnosis, and that it is never too late to reclaim control of your health.

We hope you enjoy watching them!

If you have an inspiring story you'd like to share, please get in contact at

Meet Renee Elworthy who lives with Crohn's disease

Disclaimer: These videos are for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice, and no doctor/patient relationship is formed. The use of information in these videos is at the user's own risk. The content of the videos are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard, or delay in obtaining, medical advice for any medical condition they may have, and should seek the the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.

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